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International / Feedback from Norway
« Last post by Vegard Stornes Farstad on Mon 2009-02-09 19:30 »
Here's a list of the first comments from the Norwegian teachers on the contents of the low-tech kit (from the meeting on 3 February 2009):

Experimental materials / equipment / box design

  • Induction flashlight must have rod design, not the current rotational design
  • Need more and longer wires with crocodile clips already attached. Preferrably different colours
  • Need two sets of yellow/purple ring magnets and a longer non-magnets (e.g. wooden) stick of the right diameter
  • Pyrolitchic graphite must be smaller and thinner so it can float (or we need instructions on how to cleave and cut it properly)
  • Aluminium tube for falling magnet experiment
  • Aluminium and plastic slabs for sliding/rolling magnets (so can show similar effects as in tubes)
  • Additional copper slab - same mass, twice the width and half the tickness, for comparison and calculations
  • Iron filings must be smaller, the big ones do not work properly. Or we need instructions on how to use them to understand why they are included
  • Magnets MUST be packaged in protective padding and stick in boxes, now they easily fall out and clash, also very difficult to get apart when they are "stuck together" - both large and small magnets, since the small ones are difficult to get a grip on.
  • "Geomag sticks" are too weak, need stronger magnets.
  • Include "electromagnet" with different number of windings - to be used as transformer (this is also in the modules)
  • Include more alimunium "wheels" as they eaily break - hole must be exactly in the middle and circular, not rectangular
  • Need protective goggles for flying magnet splinters when these crch (and they will)
  • Adjust box so that all items fit tightly and do not fall out easily
  • If possible, consider packaging materials that belong together for one experiment in separate boxes (see also below for listing equipment to be used in each experiment

Support materials

  • Number of windings in the different copper coils should be listed, so it is possible to calculate forces
  • Iron filings must be smaller, the big ones do not work properly. Or we need instructions on how to use them to understand why they are included
  • Security note for magnets must be clearly placed on box, in teacher guide and all other relevant places
  • Detailed list of which materials go with which experiments, preferrably with photos, must be included in teacher guide for all experiments
  • Number of materials should be considered so it is possible to run experiments simultaneously when different experiments require the same equipment. Or, different combinations of experiments can be listed in the teacher guide (where they do not overlap in the use of equipment). This is necessary for organizing testing in a classroom using e.g. different stations with different experiments (since there is not enough to run the same experiment in several parallels

Looking forward to more comments!

We need to collect and analyze this feedback in order to improve the next version.
This topic is for posting feedback from teachers on the low-tech kit, from the testing in different countries.
International / Re: Feedback from Belgium to international forum
« Last post by vanosselaer on Thu 2009-01-22 21:08 »
I would like to test the material from the MOSEM-project as from February.  Is it possible to forward a description and the aim of the experiments? 
International / Feedback from Belgium to international forum
« Last post by Wim Peeters on Tue 2009-01-13 17:57 »
In this topic the Belgian partners will give feedback, remarks, materials, etc. to the international community
Actually, I replied to Tomasz (in polish) privatly, to avoid polluting the discussion on the online modules. You were right to move these messages too, my message was not meant to be really usefull, just a way of showing off (but still, it is a pity that the automatic web page google translator can not reach the forum discussions. I should try with bablefish, but I am afraid that the problem will be the same - login procedure).

Still, I guess it is best to keep english as a communication tool, or rather pinglish in my case.


International / Le traduction les langues
« Last post by Vegard Stornes Farstad on Wed 2008-12-10 18:48 » traduction web-verktøy ...

Here's the clue ;)

But I have to say I am impressed - the sentence is perfectly understandable! ;) So I must say Merci Beaucoup à Frèderic pour les bons mots et de la confiance :)

On the other hand, I think we ought to start a separate language topic in order to continue this discussion, to avoid confusing the poor subcontractor... I've therefore taken the liberty of splitting these posts into a new topic, and while I am at it, I can recommend the Babel Fish service, which I believe existed years before Google (not to say that it is better just because it is older, but it is the one I've grown accustomed to use):

This used to be Altavista, by the way, before they were eaten by Yahoo...
International / Le traduction les langues
« Last post by Tomasz Greczyło on Wed 2008-12-10 09:21 »
Fred, Are you kidding or how did you do this? You have never motioned that you know Norwegian!
International / Le traduction les langues
« Last post by Frederic Bouquet on Tue 2008-12-09 20:45 »

Ah, det er synd, men login prosedyre hindre google traduction web-verktøy for å oversette disse meldingene. Jeg skulle ønske jeg hadde Vegard's gave til språk ...

Lykke for den elektroniske moduler, Jeg ser frem til å lese dem.

Using the forum / Forum stats
« Last post by Vegard Stornes Farstad on Fri 2008-12-05 14:08 »
In case somebody is interested in looking at the activity in the forum, this page should give a nice overview:
Using the forum / Help with the MOSEM Forum
« Last post by Vegard Stornes Farstad on Mon 2008-12-01 13:56 »
A quick reminder that the built-in Help function also is very useful (click "Help" in the blue main menu at the top left):
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