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Möbius Maglev Train


Vegard Stornes Farstad:
The MOSEM² Project developed a Möbius-shaped magnetic track with a diameter of 1 meter and a width of 4 cm for a superconducting maglev train. It came about as an extension of the High-Tech Kit which contains a 50 cm long linear magnetic track. There are numerous tracks coming full circle or even loops, but this was the first track in the shape of a Möbius band.

This thread is for discussing the current status and new developments for commercial versions of the kit. See here for more information:


Vegard Stornes Farstad:
On 23 May 2012 the Möbius Maglev Train was featured on the Spanish TV show "El Hormiguero". The host Pablo Motos and guest Will Smith experienced the levitating superconducting train live. Read more here:



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