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MOSEM² on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


Vegard Stornes Farstad:
We have now set up a Facebook page for the MOSEM² project:
Please visit! As soon as we have 25 likes, we can get a username and a shorter/nicer URL.

We also have a MOSEM² Twitter profile:

You are welcome to follow us both on Facebook and Twitter for updates about the project's results and impact. We conclude the official project period in one month, but the legacy will live on!

Vegard Stornes Farstad:
Now you can also find us on LinkedIn :-)

We have set up the following URL shortcuts to make it easier to locate us:

twitter.mosem.no or twitter.mosem.eu
linkedin.mosem.no or linkedin.mosem.eu
facebook.mosem.no or facebook.mosem.eu

See you there!

Vegard Stornes Farstad:
Check out this infographic on our facebook page:


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