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From Ig Nobel to Nobel
« on: Wed 2010-10-06 16:31 »
Not only superconductors can levitate - in fact most (all) living organisms contain a lot of water, which is slightly diamagnetic (as we show in one of the LTK experiments). Thus, given strong enough magnets, you can levitate almost anything, e.g. a frog:

This work earned the author an Ig Nobel. 10 years later he's now called to Stockholm for the real Nobel, this time for his work on discovering graphene with a pencil and a piece of self-adhesive tape. Hmm that sounds like LTK equipment too.

So go tell your students they can win both Ig Nobels and Nobel prizes with what is available in the LTK. Maybe that's not motivating for some, but I'd think at least most of the students would find it fascinating. And it certainly isn't research that was done centuries ago!
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