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Vegard Stornes Farstad:
Based on the feedback of different users (mostly complaining that there are too many topics so the cat cannot find its kittens), we discussed in Nottingham about the possibility of reorganizing the forum structure to make it simpler.

Due to the coordination of the MOSEM and MOSEM² projects, it is also a lot easier to do such a restructuring now:

* All discussions will be under the common section of the forum
* Deliverables topics are moved up one level
* Currently active threads are moved from the separate MOSEM and MOSEM² parts of the forum to the common part
* The separate MOSEM and MOSEM² parts of the forum will be closed for discussion and used as archives
* Only active topics will be visible for most users - the locked topics will be moved to the archive, accessible for WP leaders and others if they are interested (just ask)
* The Administration and Coordination topics for each project are also gathered in one place, hopefully making them easier to find
It will take a couple of days to complete this restructuring, so please be patient meanwhile ;)

Vegard Stornes Farstad:
The restructuring is now completed.

Some topics from MOSEM are not clearly labeled MOSEM, and vice versa for MOSEM². In case of confusion here I can rename these topics. I also hope that we can close some of the topics and remove them, to keep it tidy.

NOTE 1: Some topics are not for discussion, only for accessing reference documents (exchange rates, proposal, task descriptions) and will be kept even if they are locked. But removing the other locked topics (old discussions) should make it easier to find these.

NOTE 2: Let me know if you want full access to the forum (i.e. the old locked topics).


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