Author Topic: codec issue in MOSEM didactic movies  (Read 2363 times)

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codec issue in MOSEM didactic movies
« on: Mon 2009-03-09 08:56 »
I've found some troubles in visualizing MOSEM didactic movies in this folder:

the problem is that all documents contain a crypted microsoft codec wich is not installed on a lot of desktop's in my school and make movies not visible nor using vlc nor using windows media player.

when WMP fails, the user is redirected in this way on to the internet, and a codec is downlodable, after few other steps, accepting a funny eula.

Offcourse, the same happens at home for more students. A teacher has this problem on his own apple laptop, too.

to avoid the issue, I suggest to convert movies in a standard format, such as in this example, which works in windows98, too.