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More activity in the forum :-)


Vegard Stornes Farstad:
I am very happy to see that in my "Unread posts" there is now a list of 8 posts - one for every work package except WP1 and WP6:

--- Quote ---         GIREP/MPTL 13 Conference New « 1 2 3 » in Work Package 9 - Valorisation      Tomasz Greczylo      30      215      Last post   Today at 19:26
by Wim Peeters
      Ethics New in Work Package 2 - Coordination    Harvey Mellar    7    20    Last post Today at 19:11
by Wim Peeters
      Technical contents, teacher seminars and support material New in Work Package 4 - Low-Tech Minds-On Kit    Grzegorz Karwasz    8    87    Last post Today at 18:51
by Wim Peeters
      MOSEM2 project proposal - deadline 14 March New in New Projects    Vegard Engstrøm    7    78    Last post Today at 18:47
by Wim Peeters
      Evolution of teacher seminar (general) New in Work Package 5 - Teacher Seminars    Wim Peeters    4    19    Last post Tue 2008-07-29 12:06
by Wim Peeters
      Formative evaluation - WP5 New in Work Package 8 - Evaluation    Harvey Mellar    4    15    Last post Tue 2008-07-29 11:56
by Wim Peeters
      Database handling and file upload New in Work Package 7 - Media files    Gerhard Rath    3    19    Last post Sat 2008-07-26 09:56
by Grzegorz Karwasz
      The 4 point measurement New « 1 2 3 » in Work Package 3 - High-Tech Minds-On Kit    Frederic Bouquet    37    346    Last post Sat 2008-07-26 09:19
by Grzegorz Karwasz

--- End quote ---

I think this shows that we have a healthy forum where all topics are being discussed. Now, if only more partners would participate... :-)

Vegard Stornes Farstad:
The activity certainly has not gone down, and I have to apologize
for not being able to keep up with all the new posts on a daily basis.
I am sure some other users feel the same, and here is my tip for those
of you who don't feel like you need to read all the new posts:

* Go to this address to get a list of all the new posts:;all;start=0
* Click and read the posts that interest you
* Then click "Mark all messages as read"
Next time you log in, only the messages that are completely
new since your last visit will show up.

TIP: You can also mark any message as "unread" if you
want to put it back in the "unread list" for later follow-up.

If you're interested in more info about the forum, scroll down to
the bottom of the front page, and click the link to the statistics:


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