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Dear colleagues,

We have an excellent Calendar function in this forum that has so far not been used very much. I posted events for the project meetings and the important deadlines already in January, but nobody has noticed. This is my own fault since I didn't do it correctly.

The important point is that each event can be linked to a topic for discussing this particular event. As you all know, we have already created such topics under each WP discussion board, as I asked the WP leaders to do at the kick-off meeting (it is also the logical thing to do).

However, since I had not studied the calendar function well enough, I ended up posting and linking separate topics to each of these events, and placed them under the board "Calendar Events". And since I asked everybody to discuss the meetings in a different place, nobody has used the Calendar...

Also this resulted in three different topics for the meeting in Orsay:

Clearly it would be better to have all the discussion in one thread. We already discussed this for the Orsay meeting and there was only one thread for the Antwerp meeting, in addition to the Calendar thread I made.

So I will now link these topics to the appropriate Calendar events, and lock my own topics in the "Calendar Events" board. From now on, I would ask you to post an event in the Calendar and create the topic that way, instead of just creating a topic without a Calendar event. it is also possible to create a Calendar event for the topic afterwards, in case you forget :-)

My main point here is that we need to use the Calendar actively - WP leaders, steering committee members and also other project members should post in the calendar when something is happening, e.g. a Teacher Seminar in Belgium or in Germany.

It is also possible to post events for longer periods for e.g. development or production periods for the deliverables - this  can be used for planning in connection with the connected topics, as it is possible to edit events and change the dates as the discussion develops.

Such coordination of events and progress is the responsibility of the Coordinator, so I will ask Greg to follow up the use of the Calendar with the WP leaders from now on, after I have set up the technical solution (which was there all the time, so I am sorry I did not have this clear for the presentation/training session at the Kick-off meeting).

In any case, better late than never!

I look forward to hearing from you about this.
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