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Vegard Stornes Farstad:
Hello all!

This topic is for posting information and tips about how to use the MOSEM Forum.

As a start, let me point out a very useful feature of the forum: There is a link at the top left, just under your username, next to your picture, that reads:

   "Show unread posts since last visit."

In order to see this link, you need to expand the section under your username and the MOSEM logo - click on the + sign at the top right under the Simplicatus logo, next to the date and time - in order to do this.

Please post further useful tips below.

Vegard Stornes Farstad:
Above each topic, there are some links (in the blue bar). Next to the "Reply" link is "Notify". Click this to enable notification, so that every time there is a new post in this topic, you will get an email. You can do this for important topics where you have posted, so you will see immediately when there is a new post, and then you don't have to log in to check in case somebody answered your post or not.

Vegard Stornes Farstad:
If you are new, or it is a long time since you were in the forum, you can click the "Mark all messages as read" link in the bottom right corner (scroll down below the lists of all the sub-forums) in order to "clean up".

Then it is much easier to find the new posts using the "Show unread posts since last visit" link at the top left.

When using the forum, it is not necessary to read all previous posts. If they are important, people will tell you about it. Otherwise, the old discussions are not interesting anymore since they are finished.

Vegard Stornes Farstad:
Some basic rules/tips for using the forum:


* You can find all unread messages here:;all
* You can mark all messages as read by clicking the link at the bottom of the front page:;sa=all
* You can click on the + sign next to the name of each board ("General topics", "MOSEM Project", "Common MOSEM/MOSEM2 topics" and "MOSEM2 Project") on the front page in order to collapse them. Click on the - sign to expand the boards again.
* There is information at the bottom of the front page about the latest posts, upcoming calendar events, who is online etc.
* The most important topics are listed in the News header on top - click on these links to go directly to those topics.

* IMPORTANT: Post a new topic/thread for a new discussion topic.
* If you need to move your post or make it sticky, send a PM to the Moderator of the board or to me.
* Threads for project meetings are supposed to be used only for posting the agenda, practical information and posting the minutes.
* All discussions about points in the minutes after the meeting should be posted in separate topics.
* Otherwise the meeting topic/thread becomes very long and it is "impossible" to find each discussion later, since there are several discussions all mixed up in one long thread.
* Use the "Preview" button next to the "Post" button to double check your post. Or you can use the "Modify" button above your post after you posted.
* If there is an error when you post, try the "Back" function in your browser.
* Usually you can find your text by going back so you can try posting again, in case you didn't make a copy and it looks like you lost your post.
* Use formatting like bold, italics, colour, size or lists (like this one) to make your posts easier to read.
* The formatting icons are above the text box when you write a new post or PM, just like in Word or other WYSIWYG editors.

* Click on the small "talk bubble" under a person's picture next to their post to send them a personal message (PM).
* Send PMs to other people if they must read your post urgently.
* Use the member list to find other project members (who is online):
* WP leaders can send Newsletters to other forum members, either by direct email or as PMs. You can choose which member groups you send to, e.g. only other WP leaders, so you don't have to send it to everybody:;sa=mailingmembers

Vegard Stornes Farstad:

Using quotes is very useful for pointing out exactly what you are referring to when replying. Please remove unnecessary text from the quote, otherwise it does not serve its purpose. You can click the "insert quote" button to insert more quote marks and split the previous message into several smaller quotes, so you can comment each point separately.

If you want to quote several messages from the same thread, you can scroll down in the reply window and click on "Insert Quote" for the posts you wish to quote.

--- Quote from: Frederic Bouquet on Fri 2008-10-24 17:20 ---
By the way, Vegard: reply #77 in Work Package 6 Forum > Project meeting 8 in Nottingham (I do not know how to make a link). It was an answer to one of Gren's comment, it is sometimes difficult to know what thread to use...


--- End quote ---

There are two possibilities for making such a link:

* The link when you quote a certain post goes directly to that post. Try clicking on the link for the quote of Fred's message above to go directly to that message. In order to insert a quote from anywhere else in the forum, open a new window/tab and find that post and quote it, then copy/paste into the current message - that way you can directly quote several different posts in one post with the link (and not just the usual quote mark)
* You can also copy the URL of the current post you are viewing. Click on the title of that exact post to get to the exact URL.
Hope this helps!


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